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 Course Description

Persons with dementia experience Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) particularly in the middle and late stages of their illness. BPSDs are common source of distress for patients and carers, particularly difficult to manage, and frequently results in admission to long term care facilities. In this module, the student learns to identify behavioral and psychological symptoms, assess the presence, frequency and severity, respond initially in an effective and safe manner, assess the aggravating or precipitating causes of such behavioral changes, plan individualized approach to each BPSD, and implement non-pharmacologic remedies and improve the environment of care. Management of BPSD may include pharmacologic therapies. This module will teach the student principles of pharmacologic treatment, commonly used psychotropic medications, and what and how to monitor these medications accurately in terms of benefits and side effects in order to help guide the medical team and family on the adjustment or cessation of medications. The student will learn techniques and guides to manage caregiver distress, including how to seek help for him/herself.


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