This is a home-based program for elderly persons with mild cognitive impairment and their families. INDAK or rhythm in Filipino stands for Improving Neurocognition through Dance and Kinesthetics. It consists of 8 structured dance modules designed by a multidisciplinary team combining music, dance recall, and physical exercises to improve and maintain memory and reduce depression. The faculty of INDAK are professionals in Human Kinetics.

INDAK was developed in a research project originally titled: An Observational Study on the Effects of Ballroom Dancing on Filipino Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment. The initial findings were presented at the The LANCET Neurology Conference in London in 2016 where it showed improved scores in memory and mood, hence the tagline Dance for the Brain. The program was subsequently launched in St. Luke's Medical Center in Global City as a program of the Memory Service of the Institute for Neurosciences. It was also presented as a community program in 2017 at the Pinto Academy for Arts and Sciences: Healing and Wellness. 

Currently, INDAK is conducted as an individualized home-based program for elderly with mild cognitive impairment. In order to broaden the reach of the benefits of the INDAK, IDCA seeks partners to be able to implement INDAK in communities. With the support of  Hi-Eisai Phils,  INDAK was implemented in 3 communities (Barangay UP Diliman, Claret Parish and Marikina Heights) culminating in the first graduation ceremonies at the Balay Kalinaw in UP Diliman in April 2018. Among the graduates was an 89-year old lola! 

The LANCET Neurology Conference, London (2016)

INDAK Launch, St. Luke's Medical Center, Global City (2016) and Pinto Academy for Arts and Science (2017)