Course Description

This module covers a broad range of topics that will help the student become a successful carer who will hold the elderly persons' best interest at heart. It begins by introducing the fundamental roles and responsibilities of a carer, including the basic legal and ethical issues of providing care. It also helps the student understand his/her duties to fellow workers, as well as the employer’s duties towards him/her. 

Dementia demands multidisciplinary care. In this module, the student will learn what skills are necessary to ensure that he/she can work with the care service team and the patient, and can communicate effectively with all its members. It will teach guidelines to create positive relationships with colleagues. It will also help the student understand carers’ rights and where to seek help in case of trouble. As a carer, one faces a variety of risks and stresses. The student will learn to handle situations in a calm and efficient manner. This module will also teach the student routine care for oneself to stay healthy and manage stress. The student will also learn how to manage time effectively to be able to optimize care to persons with dementia with greater peace of mind.