Course Description

The fundamental principle of dementia care is respect for the person’s dignity. The aim in caring for the elderly with dementia therefore is to help them retain as much self- sufficiency and autonomy as possible for as long as they can by providing support to help them continue on with activities that bring them happiness. In this module, the student will learn the principles that will guide him/her to be able to provide supportive care for the elderly with dementia. This module will discuss the basic concept of quality of life (QOL) as an outcome indicator of dementia care, and at the same time that which steers dementia care practices. This module is of utmost importance to understand because no matter how well-equipped and technologically advanced are the facilities, and how excellent are the care techniques, a clear principle of care is necessary to guide dementia care practices.

In this module, the student will learn the importance of awareness and respect for cultural diversity.