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Elderly and Dementia Care Course

This is a 160-hour certificate course in dementia care composed of 12 modules with related simulated learning experience in caring for the elderly and persons with dementia. The faculty is a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals from the Dementia Society of the Philippines.  Learn more.

Japanese Language and Culture Program

This program is completed in 360 hours. The goal is to teach students attain N4 level of Japanese language proficiency. It incorporates 40 hours of Japanese Language in Caregiving.  The academic faculty are level N1 and N2 university professionals in Linguistics and related disciplines. Learn more.

German Language Program

This is a 10-month program. The goal is to teach students achieve level B1/ B2 of German language proficiency. The faculty are university professionals in European Languages major in Deutsch. Learn more.


This is a home-based program for elderly persons with mild cognitive impairment and their families. INDAK or rhythm in Filipino stands for Improving Neurocognition through Dance and Kinesthetics. It consists of 8 structured dance modules designed by a multidisciplinary team combining music, dance recall, and physical exercises to improve and maintain memory and reduce depression. The faculty of INDAK are professionals in Human Kinetics. Learn more.