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Dementia Care Asia News and Updates

July 11, 2015 marks a significant date for the Institute for Dementia Care Asia (IDCA) and other dementia care associations in Asia that attended the round table meeting, which was organized by the Japan Society for Dementia Care (JSDC) and Geriatric Information Management System (GIMS International). It is the day of founding the International Federation for Dementia Care (IFDC) that was held at Grand Hyatt Taipei in Taiwan. IDCA is the only institute from the Philippines that was invited to participate in the said meeting. Dr. Jacqueline Dominguez, chairperson of IDCA, together with Ms. Boots Natividad and Mr. Cidrick Bartolome, also from IDCA, were present together with the delegates from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.

The morning session of the said meeting highlighted the demographical status of dementia cases as well as the education and training program for dementia care in each participating country. Ms. Yumi Shindo, senior researcher at the Tokyo Dementia Research and Training Center, discussed the “Training and Education for Care Workers in Japan” followed by the presentation of Dr. Masahiro Shigeta, chair of Committee for International Activities of JSDC, on “Upbringing of Dementia Care Specialist by Japanese Society for Dementia Care”. Dr. Guk-Hee Suh, President of Korean Society for Dementia Care, shared the current states and future perspective of dementia care in Korea. “Dementia Care in Indonesia: Toward high Standard Quality” was presented by the president of Indonesia Society for Dementia Care, Dr. Martina W. Nasrun, while Dr. Liang-Kung Chen, chairman of Taiwan Association of Integrated Care gave a glimpse of dementia care in Taiwan. Our very own Dr. Jacqueline C. Dominguez discussed the “Current Situation of Dementia Care and Required Education and Training Program in the Philippines” and shared the plans and activities of IDCA. 

In the afternoon, the meeting focused on the founding of the International Federation for Dementia Care. Dr. Akira Homma, director of Center for Dementia Care Research and Practice in Tokyo, chaired the said meeting. The IFDC’s primary objectives are to increase awareness and understanding of dementia care among health professionals and families; and to share experience and skills among member associations and to create knowledge on dementia care. It also aims to establish standards of dementia care and to promote researches related to it. Part of the meeting was the election of Dr. Homma as the first president of the said federation. The meeting was concluded by the signing ceremony and press conference for IFDC.

The establishment of the said federation is expected to bring more developments in the field of dementia care while protecting the welfare of dementia patients and their carers and caregivers in the Philippines, among others.